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Brand: Siraya TechColor: GreyFeatures: 【Fast Printing and CuringSiraya Tech ABS-Like resin has good fluidity, which can effectively increase printing speed, success rate and are easy to clean. And this 3D printing resin has an excellent combination of stiffness and toughness, is not fragile, and is strong enough to ta. Fast ABS-Like resin. from $35.99 Blu-Tough Resin By Siraya Tech. from $49.95 ... Looking for an affordable resin that is fast to print, fast to clean/cure and not brittle? Then look no further than Fast resin by Siraya Tech. ... Siraya Tech's engineering resins include Rigid Resin-Blu, Flexible Resin-Tenacious, High Temperature Resin-Sculpt and.

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